3 Pack | GentScents

We get it, there's more than one place that needs some GentScents love in your life, whether that's your other car or your office, these little beauties will spice up any drab smelling locale. 


What you get: 

- 3 GentScents Clips

- 3 new air fresheners of your choice delivered monthly. 

- Free Shipping




It's like early morning in pre-drought central California, the birds are chirping and you're walking down a dusty corridor of sandalwood trees with hints of lime, orange, and lemon.


Imagine a sultry evening in San Sebastian, you just left the bullfights and you head back to the hotel for a scotch. In the hotel lounge, you grab one of the books off the shelf, you sit back in the leather chair and take a deep breath... It smells like that.

Orange Spice

We hope you brought your sunscreen. You've landed on a beautiful tropical island formed by a VOLCANO, without the sulfur smell. Did we mention the island has an active VOLCANO. Hints of citrus, sugared orange, lemons, and definitely a little tropical.  If you know, then you know.


Pull up a hammock and get comfortable. This scent will get you feeling all the #BeachVibes, grab your short shorts and dive into this barrel full of deliciousness. Hints of rum and other tropical spices. No officer I haven't been drinking, but my car smells damn good. 

(Side note: it doesn't smell enough like rum to get you walking the plank, or in this case the line on the side of the road.)


It smells like Cedar. Fresh cut Cedar. Like wood. Like Cedar wood. But yeah Cedar.

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