Scent of the Month

There are a few good men out there still rocking that same scent they discovered in Middle School. Let us help you, to not be that guy. We know we have some great scents, so we wanted to make it easier for you to switch it up. Each month, we'll switch out the scent so you'll never be stuck smelling the same again.  

November Scent of the Month: Pine

Name a better way to get ready for the upcoming holiday season than filling your ride to the brim with fresh pine. The rallying cry to bring this scent back hit us like a shock of crisp mountain air, and we heard it loud and clear. So get on the bandwagon, filled with a real man’s mini trees, with November’s scent of the month, Pine.

PINE SCENT PROFILE | Cedar wood, Siberian Pine, Musk

We'll email you once a month to announce the next month's scent. Look below for the current schedule.

What you get: 

-A Visor Clip (First Order)
-A fresh air freshener delivered monthly 
-Free Shipping

Upcoming Scents

(Subject to Change) 

December | TBA

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