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"My car usually doesn't escape the classic 'gear' smell after a climbing or mountaineering trip, but GentScents has allowed me to live civilly amongst the uncivilized."

Blake D. - Salt Lake City

"Unlike the ubiquitously tacky hang-in-mirror tree air fresheners that I always hide under my seat, GentScents is something I'm proud to display in my car. I love that the manly aroma permeates the interior of my car without being overbearing."

Braden T. - Salt Lake City

"GentScents is so nice and easy. I have long lasting scents delivered right to me every month. The scents are fresh and unique. I constantly get asked what the great smell is."

Ryan S. - Salt Lake City

Air Fresheners Are Cheap, Why the Cost?

Do you know what's in a standard air-freshener? Nope, you don't and the companies making those little rascals don't want you to know that they are chock full of chemicals that you normally wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole, let alone lock yourself in an aluminum box with for a few hours a day FUN FACT: the average American commutes for 52 minutes a day, 260 minutes a week, roughly 9 days a year. Anyways, it's not good.

We started GentScents to provide the planet with a better way to have your car smell great. Our scents are derived from essential and fragrance oils. We don't use additives to extend the scent. We soak those oils into our handcrafted cedar air fresheners that attach to our beautiful, powder coated steel clip. It's a new take on the 'ol cheap air freshener and we think you're going to love it. 

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