Meet the Scent Families

Meet the Scent Families

September 24, 2019

We're back in session with the school of scent! In today's lesson, we're talking all about scent families. Never heard of it? You're probably not alone. So sit back and take notes, because the real first step to finding your favorite fragrance is to understand the different scent families that every perfume and aftershave is based around. 

Fresh fragrances are usually made up of of citrus, water and “green” notes. This means they have refreshing, zesty and vibrant smells. Green fragrances in particular are often reminiscent of herbal, leafy scents for a crisp, uplifting scent, one of our favorite freshest scents is Cedar.

Floral fragrances tend to be one of the most popular scent families. Any fragrance that has a sweet and flowery scent will belong under this family making it quite broad, Most commonly used notes are roses, jasmine, lilies and peonies. Floral fragrances can range from being simple and delicate to rich and complex. Sandalwood is our sweetest and closest fit for us in the floral family. 


Oriental fragrances are warm, sweet and even a little spicy. They range from floral oriental, soft oriental and woody oriental, and are often thought of as luxurious. Often made with notes of cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla often paired with jasmine, orchid and orange blossom. Our current scent of the month Hinoki, is the perfect example, and Orange Spice a close second. 

Woody fragrances are another warm family, with a mysterious and almost intoxicating. Woody fragrances are split into mossy woods with an earthy, sweet undertone, and dry woods which often have a smoky, rich, leathery smell to them. Our GS Teak and Tobacco is clearly a perfect example here. 

Now that you've got your degree, check out our other scents and see which one fits your family of choice the best. Congrats grad. 

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