It Lost it's Smell!

It Lost it's Smell!

April 14, 2018

Do you remember the last time you went on a trip, and when you came home your house had a very distinct smell you hadn’t noticed before?

We frequently get asked if it’s common for GentScents Air Fresheners to fade quickly. Truth is, it may not be fading at all -- it could be your body adapting to the smell. The best test is to have someone who doesn't ride in your car often take a good hard whiff. All GentScents should last close to a month, even if you’re not noticing them as much.

Why do we get used to scents?

It’s a phenomenon known as sensory adaptation and olfactory fatigue. Scientists know how it happens, but they aren’t entirely sure why it happens. Here’s one theory

Fight or Flight Mechanisms | If our minds perceive a scent to be “safe” the brain decides to not worry about the scent. This allows our body to detect new scents that may pose a threat. Unfortunately this rolls over to all scents, even the ones we enjoy. It’s kinda like how this optical illusion works.

What can you do about it?

Some scent scientists suggest that increased blood flow can override the sensory adaptation. So take another whiff after you hit the gym or finish off that mountain bike ride. Another method is to take a few sniffs of coffee beans to reset the ol’ smell receptors, although this one is up for debate.

Looking for another, perhaps simpler option? Now with your GentScents account we allow you to swap your scents more often than once a month. Just remember DO NOT overdo it -- advice we wish we would have received about Axe body spray in the Middle School years.

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